Picture Perfect

While much of the attention has surrounded Armagh’s plan to build a multi-million pound “state of the art” training facility, the old stomping ground at Callanbridge has been refurbished!

Armagh GAA have recently submitted plans to undertake their own ‘Centre of Excellence’, just outside Portadown.

For now, the excellence was left to Visual Waste (https://www.visualwaste.co.uk/), who added a bit of colour to Armagh’s current training ground.

Callanbridge has long been the main training venue for the county teams within Armagh.

Many of the greatest players to ever pull on the Orange and White jersey have gone through their paces in the city ground.

Today’s heroes follow the long line of legends and hone their skills in Callenbridge.

Current Armagh star Rory Grugan is impressed with the mural, that represents the Armagh team ethos.

“Thanks to a generous sponsor, it is now a great environment to go to training in, and I can’t wait to get back together as a group” .

“At the end of the day, we are just temporarily in the orange jersey, and hopefully we can leave it in a good place for the next generation”.

Images of the wall painting have been doing the rounds on social media and the superb portrait will be enjoyed by many for years to come!