Armagh Minors take part in “Run against the Sun” daylight challenge

This Friday, the Armagh Under 17 squad will take part in a “Run against the Sun” daylight challenge, as part of a fundraiser for Stewarts Care.

Stewarts Care are a Dublin based charity, which provides support and services to people with intellectual disabilities.

Like many other charities at this difficult time, Stewarts Care are relying on generous support to raise funds.

Dublin star Dean Rock, and a few other colleagues, have decided to undertake the “Run against the Sun” challenge.

The challenge will be to complete 150km in one day, stretching from sunrise to sunset.

Ciaran McKeever’s minor side are just one of the many teams helping to raise much needed funds.

30 players will take part from the Orchard County Under 17 squad, with each running 5km to complete the 150km target.

To generate some competition, each teams run will be timed, and Armagh will be up against many other sides to see who can complete the 150km in the quickest time.

McKeever’s men should have been playing the first round of the Ulster Championship last Saturday, away to Monaghan, but as things turned out this is the best competition the youngsters will face for the foreseeable future.

It is still unknown when GAA action will return. If and when it does, Armagh will face the challenge of Derry in a newly drawn Ulster Championship declared by the Ulster Council.

It will be a throwback to days gone by with the Minors featuring before the Seniors main event.

To donate to the worthy cause follow the link: