St Patrick’s Cullyhanna host Coaching Webinars

As the absence of GAA action remains and the chance of its return seems further away than ever, ‘Coaching Webinars’ having taken over.

The GAA, along with several other counties, have been and continue to educate those who wish to learn.

St Patrick’s Cullyhanna have taken on this initiative and tonight begin a three week programme to help coaches around the county.

This evening’s Webinar, named “Coaching Children – Play, Learning and Enjoyment for all” begins at 7.30pm.

Dublin GAA’s Learning and Games Development Coordinator Owen Mooney takes charge of the coaching class.

Week two (Thursday 28th May) is presented by Emma McLoughlin, focusing on “Beating the Lockdown – Psychological Focus and Performance Enhancement”.

Finally, week three (Tuesday 2nd June), Sharon Courtney hosts a “Nutrition for Sports Performance” Webinar

You can register for the class tonight by clicking the link below and signing up!