Recovery is Key

With football pitches opening and collective training making a return, recovery will now be more important than ever for players throughout the country.

In Armagh, their are a range of different recovery means on offer all over the county, and we’ve taken a look at a few.

With Covid-19 restrictions remaining in place, some of the recovery rooms may not be operating at usual business hours, but keep an eye on their social media accounts in the coming days and weeks.

Recharge Recovery

Recovery rooms have become an essential part of a sportsperson’s routine in recent years and ‘Recharge Recovery’ overs a range of recovery methods.

At the moment, sports massages, reflexology treatments and recovery boots will be available from the 6th of July, with the use of ice-baths and hot tubs coming along soon after.

Contact: Facebook & Instagram

Address: Unit 12 Dobbin Centre, Armagh, BT61 7QP

The Bar Recovery

Another recovery option that has become vital for post-training recovery is the use of recovery salts such as ‘Epsom Salts’ and ‘Magnesium Salts’.

The Bar Recovery, based in Armagh, offers quality recovery salts at great prices and offers their service throughout the country.

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Recover8 Mobility

‘Recover8 Mobility’ provides equipment to enhance performance in every aspect and does so throughout the whole country.

Equipment such as squat racks are available as well as recovery items such as foam rollers, resistance bands and carbon fibre massage guns.

Contact: Facebook & Instagram OR 07732660395

Recovery Room Culloville

The Recovery Room in Culloville has been a popular destination for players for a number of years now.

They offer all vital recovery methods such as cryospa, jacuzzi, compressed boots and much more.

Contact: Facebook & Instagram OR 0868912997

Revital Recovery

Similar to the other recovery rooms mentioned, Revital Recovery offers all the much-needed means of recovery.

The Lurgan company provides ice baths, warm baths and compression boots as well as recovery foods and drinks.

Contact: Facebook & Instagram

Address: Unit 34 Cido Business Complex, Lurgan, BT66 6HG

Recovery Club Newry

Recently established, the ‘Recovery Club Newry’ offers another range of recovery devices essential for athletes.

Recovery Club allows players to recover using cryospa’s, ice baths saunas and more.

Contact: Facebook & Instagram OR

Address: Unit 2 Itec Business Park, 52 Armagh Road, Newry, BT35 6DN