Aidan O’Rourke has his say on the new GAA playing rules

Will the commencement of the Armagh club league just around the corner, Aidan O’Rourke offers some advice to players and coaches on how the new rules will impact the game.

All kickouts will now be taken from the 20-metre line while a short kickout can’t be played straight back to the goalkeeper.

When a mark is claimed in the middle of the field from a kickout, the player must raise his arm in the air and has 15 seconds to play the ball.

The same rules apply with the advanced mark, with a shot on goal the reward for making a clean catch.

The black card is still in play but this time the punished player will be set to the line for a 10 minute ‘sin bin’ with no substitution allowed.

The former Armagh player and coach looks at how players and coaches will adapt to these new rules in a short space of time.

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