Pitch-ure Perfect

Looking for a fantastic Christmas present for an Armagh fanatic? Well, we have exactly what you are after.

BMAC Air View have snapped several stunning images of the Athletic Grounds that are available to purchase.

Both daytime and night-time pictures have been captured to show off the sublime surroundings of Armagh’s home ground.

The daytime photographs were shot on the day of the Ballymacnab vs Madden game in the first round of the Senior Championship.

That game, on August 8th, was the first in the Athletic Grounds since the resumption of action after the COVID-19 lockdown.

It had been exactly five months, or 153 days since the last game had taken place in the stadium, a match between the Armagh ladies and Meath on March 8th.

Also available is the aerial view of the ‘Light Up’ commemoration Armagh took part in, honouring the 100th anniversary of Bloody Sunday.

Many football grounds throughout the country took part in the event, but few caught such a beautiful still of the historic moment.

Another part of history was captured when Armagh hosted this seasons Ulster Senior Championship final between Donegal and Cavan.

The calm before the storm was caught brilliantly by BMAC Air View, as seen below.

All the photos are framed and ready for hanging on the wall and include the beautiful outline of the ecclesiastical city, with both cathedrals on display.

The ideal Christmas gift for any Armagh fan! These images are perfect for business offices, pubs, restaurants, clubhouses and homes!

Sizes included are: 17×21 (A3), 21×18 (A2) and 17×13 (A4).

To place your order contact Brian on 07871557273, email: brian.analyst@hotmail.com or message the BMAC Air View Instagram page below!