Armagh GAA propose formats for 2021 club season

Armagh GAA have this week sent possible timeframes and formats for the commencement of adult football in 2021 to all clubs.

Due to the rising cases of Covid-19, club football within the county was halted in early October of last year.

The 2020 season was shelved and hoped to be completed prior to the 2021 league campaign getting underway.

However, as the situation doesn’t seem to be improving as well as many had hoped, time restrictions will have to be considered this year.

The counties proposals are as follows:

Commencement Date – Mid April/May

Complete 2020 season

Prioritise 2020 Fixtures for promotion and relegation.

2021 League: One way League and Group Stage Championship.

Commencement Date – Late May/June

Void 2020 season

Promote 2020 Championship Winners

One way League and Group Stage Championship

Commencement Date – Late June/July

Void 2020 season

One way League and Straight knock out Championship.

Commencement Date – Later than Above

Group Championship

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If the 2020 season takes priority, it’s unclear whether the ‘split’ in the league will take place as it was before activity was suspended.

If this is the case, it will mean that teams that complete round one (seven games) in Divisions One and Two, will then play three more ties to decide promotion/relegation.

For example, this would see Killeavy, bottom of Division 1A after four games, playing their three remaining round one encounters before playing a further three after the split.

The Junior division is different however and the 2020 season saw the 13 teams partake in a one-way league system, with 12 games each.

However, the likes of Forkhill, O’Hanlon’s, Lissummon and Belleek, who have all played five games, will have to play the remaining seven before beginning the 2020 season.

We could also see a return to the group stage championship rather than the knockout format the county put in place last season.