Stefan Campbell names his toughest marker

Armagh captain Stefan Campbell joined us on this weeks ‘Dream Team’ podcast and detailed the best 15 players he has played with.

Former Armagh corner back and Pearse Ogs legend Andy Mallon was named as the most difficult marker the Clans man has faced.

Campbell first wore the orange and white in the 2012 McKenna Cup, and experienced a tough time picking up Mallon in training.

An absolute gentleman off the field, an animal on it. I remember coming into the panel, maybe 2012, and I couldn’t win a ball off him for a year”.

“He was just so quick, so elusive, everything he done. His technique in the tackle, he wouldn’t just tackle for the sake of it, he always waited ‘til you took a play. He had that pace, that hand speed”.

Andy Mallon in action for the Orchard County.

Training wasn’t the only place the pair clashed, as they crossed swords each time their club sides met.

“I was on the county panel and you love going back to the club. I hated that draw against the Ogs, I hated having to travel to the Ogs because I knew I had to track him all day”.

“I wasn’t able to handle him until I got a bit more physically developed myself and I got that power and pace. I remember in the early days doubting myself that I wasn’t going to make it, because I literally couldn’t win a ball”. 

“I had nightmares about him for years, even though I was only a kid, I hated going to Armagh training. I hated having to go near him because he was so good, he was so quick. Even the odd time I did get the ball, he just took it off me”.

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Mallon stepped away from the county scene for the 2013 season but came back the following year and picked up the Armagh Player of the Year award as he helped the Orchard County reach the All-Ireland quarter finals.

“I remember, he got the preseason off one year and we were on the track, we had maybe a month done of preseason, it might have been 2015. First session back, he just took everybody to the cleaners. It just summed him up”.

“I think if you asked a few players in-round that time, Andy would probably be up there as one of the best players they probably ever seen, ever played with”.