Proposed fixture schedule for 2021 club season

Armagh GAA have released a proposed fixture schedule for the 2021 club season.

The CCC stressed that the layout is a provisional guide that “should not be considered as ‘likely’ dates” and listed such variables as:

  • Awaiting confirmed dates for the Provincial Under 20 Championship. This will impact the current plan.
  • Championship weekends not confirmed – start date will impact these.
  • Start date may move backwards or forwards. We are awaiting confirmation and will update accordingly.
  • Under 19 the priority to begin earlier if the schedule is moved forward.

The suggested fixtures would see the senior football leagues finish out the 2020 competition in a new two-way format with 14 games.

This would mean the seven original 2020 games would be played followed by the reverse fixtures, as per a normal season, with no split in the league as originally planned after seven games.

The 2020 championship winners (Clan na Gael and Forkhill) will play in a higher grade for the 2021 championship but remain in their current grade for the remaining league fixtures.

The 2020 league winners will be promoted along with the 2021 championship winners, potentially leaving an uneven number competing in the 2022 season.

To counter this, the CCC has proposed two options along with an additional proposal for the Junior League:

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Option One

Leave an additional team in the League/Championships next year (2022). This would mean a commitment to a knockout championship for the 2022 season. Three teams will have to be relegated from 1B and 2B in order to bring even correct numbers in each division back into line.

If League/Championship winners are the same in 2020 League/ 2021 Championship, only two would go up therefore eradicate the issues.

Option Two

Relegate three teams after 2020 league to allow leagues to be back at original standings at the beginning of 2022. Again if 2020 league or 2021 championship winners are the same then we would revert back to normal rules of two up, two down.

Junior League

Play remainder of 2020 league games. Split off into top half, bottom half and play a further 6/7 games to increase number of available league fixtures. Promotion/Relegation as per above.