Geezer gives his views on Proposals A and B

Saturday could see a radical change to the GAA championship structure as we know it, with ‘Plan B’ gaining some support throughout the country.

Proposal B would see the championship take a league form. The top five Division One teams; top three Division Two teams and the Division Three and Four winners would enter the kickout phase of the competition.

Proposal A places eight teams in each province, but has gained very little traction. It seems like a non-runner at this stage.

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Geezer’s thoughts

Many GAA fans, players, managers and legends of the game have had their say on the debate, arguing for both sides.

Speaking at St Ronan’s “GAA Debate Night” last week, Armagh manager Kieran McGeeney spoke out against both proposals.

“If I’m being honest, I think both are crap. I think they’re just putting something out there for the sake of looking to add change”.

Photo Credit: John Merry

“I don’t think it addresses any of the things that everybody’s looking for. People are looking for more games and less training, neither of them accomplishes that. People are looking for a fairer system, neither accomplishes that.

We’re looking to promote our games, to try and get there and no dead ducks, it doesn’t cover that either. I can’t see either getting through”.

The Armagh county board have followed suit and will vote against both proposals.

Check out our Senior semi final preview with Stephen Cusack and Ryan Owens!

Armagh’s vote

This decision came following Wednesday night’s County Board meeting and Armagh GAA released their verdict via twitter.

“At tonight’s County Committee meeting an following consultation with our club delegates and players, Motions 18 & 19 (Proposal A and Proposal B) were strongly opposed.

Armagh GAA will vote against both motions at #GAACongress on Saturday”.