McConville names his “toughest opponent”

Oisin McConville named the “toughest opponent” he has ever faced while choosing the ’15 for 50 – The All-Star Football Team of the Last 50 years’ for

The Armagh and Crossmaglen attacking ace came up against some of the best defenders of his generation. McConville, along with Peter Canavan and John O’Mahony, had the challenge of picking the team.

When it came to selecting the defenders, the trio settled on three-time All-Star winner Seamus Moynihan to man the square.

There’s often debate surrounding Moynihan’s best position. The Kerry star was the number three when the Kingdom faced Armagh in the 2002 All-Ireland final.

He was also in the last line of defence in the 2000 semi-final, when he picked up McConville.

Toughest oppenent

“I have marked him a couple of times and I’d always say he was the toughest opponent I ever had” said McConville, pointing out his many attributes.

“I was always told how strong he was physically. And he was very very physically strong, especially upper body. I was told how good of a reader of the game he was. But nobody told me how quick he was because he had that in his armoury as well”.

Moynihan retired with four Celtic Crosses to his name along with eight Munster medals in a 14-year career.

Moynihan had “everything”

He had “everything” according to McConville, “He was just the full package, and he could play ball”.

While Moynihan will no doubt go down as one of the best defenders of all time, McConville believes the Glenflesk clubman could have played anywhere on the field.

“He would have been a brilliant six, I actually think he could have played further up the field. He was just one of those sort of guys that just had, he basically had everything”.