McGeeney meets former clubmate Dessie Farrell

Kieran McGeeney will share the sideline with former clubmate Dessie Farrell this weekend, as Armagh begin their league campaign.

The pair won three Dublin club championships together along with a Leinster club title in 1999.

McGeeney, now in his eighth year in charge, meets the Dubs for the first time as Armagh boss.

“Dublin in the first game in Croke Park, it’s daunting but that’s why you pull on the jersey. There’s not much point in hiding when you get to the top.”

Photo Credit: Richiespics

“That’s the pinnacle. Despite what people think, Dublin will be seething. They’ll be wanting to set out a marker and they’re throwing us to the lions first, so we’ll see how we go.”

“There’s nothing like a wee bit of reality just to let you know that you’re old”

Geezer recalled a funny incident between him and Farrell that gave him a “wee bit of reality.”

“I’ve heard things before about (managers) match up but unfortunately Dessie’s like myself, he’s an old man now. I remember myself and Dessie and Senan (Connell) and Justy (McNulty) went to a friendly game about seven years ago. The crack going down in the car was brilliant.”

Kieran McGeeney takes on former clubmate Dessie Farrell this weekend
Photo Credit: John Merry

“We bounced out on to the field, you’d swear we were a bunch of young fellas. And on the way home, my knee was done, he’s (Dessie’s) Achilles was done, Justy’s hip was done and Senan’s hamstring. All four of us limped into the car. There’s nothing like a wee bit of reality just to let you know that you’re old.”

“Dessie, it’s funny getting a hard time for winning an All-Ireland and getting beat in an All-Ireland semi-final in extra time. It just shows you the standards (in Dublin). But Dessie’s won it at minors and under 20s and now senior so he’s one of those fellas that can ride off into the sunset.”

“I don’t think there’s really much comparison in terms of the management team, but you have to look forward to it. Hopefully we won’t have to clash on the sideline or one of us will end up injured again!”