Promotion the objective for Orchard – McNaughton

Promotion is the objective for Armagh this weekend as they take on rivals Tyrone in the Division 3A league final.

This will be the second meeting the near neighbours have shared this year. The Red Hands won comfortably the last day out, 2-21 to 1-14.

Armagh have a new manager in place, with hurling legend Terence ‘Sambo’ McNaughton now in charge.

The former Antrim star was a guest on The Sideline Eye podcast and spoke about the importance of promotion.

“It’s my goal (promotion). I can only say of my goal. I’m taking every match as it comes and trying to prepare for every match as best I can.

“I know Armagh have won the Nickey Rackard before and in a few finals and lost them, that much I do know.

“In my world, if I was going to be here next year or the next couple of years, I would take promotion ahead of the Nickey Rackard.

“But that’s only my own personal view. To get the team to the next level, you’ve got to play that higher standard on a more regular basis.”

Promotion is the aim for Armagh
Photo Credit: Richiespics

Knowledge of Tyrone

McNaughton admits his knowledge of Tyrone wouldn’t be the best, but he doesn’t mind. All his concentration will be on the Orchard County.

“Probably my style of management, my style of coaching would be that anyway. I would always control the controllables or worry about the guy in the mirror.

“Everybody needs to take control of their own situation. Even from a team point of view, you have no say over what the guy on the left’s going to do or the guy on the right, how dedicated he is, you can only control what you do.

“And I can only control what I do, the best that I can. Tyrone have no control over what Armagh do and we have no say over what they do.

“Obviously, I would know a few of the Tyrone hurlers and it’s the same in Armagh. There are good hurlers in both counties, there’s no question about that. But it all comes down to what happens on the day.”