Roaming Rafferty enjoying the new experience

Ethan Rafferty was one of the star performers as Armagh saw off old rivals Tyrone last Sunday.

The towering Grange man made his championship debut nine years ago against Cavan and scored a goal from full forward

On Sunday, he wore the number one jersey but still demonstrated his accurate eye for scoring with two brilliant points.

“I near scuffed the first one, I definitely am happy to score them because it’s alright doing that if you are an outfielder but it’s a bit more on your case if you miss them (being a keeper).

“I was delighted it went over and if I get inside the top of that D, the second one, it’s just bread and butter, I was glad to get past the Tyrone fella and just clip it over.”

It was only Rafferty’s sixth time between the posts. But he’s getting more and more confident and is happy to play anywhere for the team.

Ethan Rafferty in action


“It was going well in training. It was something I was happy enough to give a go and try it. Obviously, it can work, it’s good in the transitions maybe getting out of defence quick.

“I done a bit of training with them kickouts. There was a couple over the line today, so I’ll just keep in touch with them.

“There was a right bit of debating (when asked to do goalkeeper). I didn’t know, it was a tough enough decision, but I was coming back after that cruciate and I got back from the cruciate after seven months. I was delighted how well I was doing the rehab and recovering.

“But it was hard getting back in. Kieran had come to me and said maybe give this a go and see what it’s like.

“I was to-ing and fro-ing but I’m happy enough to give it a go. If it means it’s one or two percent better than we are or it’s a different set up, saying we are chasing games, that I can come in and do that.

“I’m happy enough to maybe see us over the line but there’s slippery days too. It was out here (Athletic Grounds), and I slipped on my hole and David Clifford made a tube of me. It’s swings and round about so I’m just happy enough.”