Hard work pays off says Donaghy

The hard work put in after losing to Donegal was the driving force behind Armagh’s win last Sunday says Kieran Donaghy.

“Our fellas were very disappointed with the performance against Donegal,” said the Kerry legend. “In fairness you have to give them credit, they really worked hard in the last six weeks.

“We asked above and beyond out of them and they were never found wanting. When you put in that type of graft and that type of work rate in really hard training session in bonds a group.

“They’re a really tight group as it is. I’m just delighted for them really more so than anything else. Delighted for Kieran as a manager.

“The work he’s put into this group from where they came from, from eight years (ago). I’m just delighted for him and delighted for the group to get through a round, which is what it is.

“But obviously if you don’t get through this round, you’re looking at a long year and you’re gone. Delighted that we’re into this draw and delighted that I’ll be driving back up on Tuesday night for training.”

Forward play

As the forwards coach, Donaghy was delighted with how Armagh performed up front. Particularly noting the movement and passing ability the Orchard County displayed.

But Donaghy won’t let the lads get too carried away as he believes there’s still “loads of stuff to work on”.

Hard work pays off for Armagh says Kieran Donaghy

“We asked Rian to come out and get on ball and use his passing range and ability and I thought he did that really well.

“We have some fantastic players and passers, but the movement inside was good by the lads.

“It was tough because (Niall) Morgan is playing that really smartly as kind of a sweeper when there’s one up top so we tried to keep two in there.

“Our passing was good. We dropped one or two but again loads of stuff to work on for the weekend.”