Donnelly looks ahead to another All-Ireland final appearance

Leanne Donnelly and a lot of her Armagh teammates are heading into a third All-Ireland final in a row and are hoping to pick up a second medal.

Donnelly registered 0-4 as the Orchard defeated Cavan in 2020 and played in midfield last season as Wexford denied Armagh a chance of two in a row.

“It’s our third in a row so hopefully we can do the business. In 2020 the seconds teams were taken out so, not that it didn’t feel like a real All-Ireland, but it was different.

“It wasn’t in Croke Park because of Covid and stuff. Hopefully we can get over the line this Sunday and have another All-Ireland in the back pocket.”


Speaking at Armagh Camogie’s ‘Meet the Players’ event, Donnelly paid tribute to the support the team has received.

“It’s just great to see the amount of support we have because it has been a long enough year. We’ve had plenty of matches since February and March time.

“We’re just glad that everybody’s out showing their support for Armagh and for the Camogs. We’re the last code standing so hopefully we can do the business for the whole county come Sunday.”

Their opponents are Antrim, a side they know all too well. Armagh have played and defeated the Saffron’s three times this season, including the Intermediate Ulster final.

Leanne Donnelly is out to pick up a second All-Ireland final
Photo Credit: John Merry

“This will be the fourth encounter, every match they’ve been getting stronger and stronger, same as ourselves. Everyone has the same aim at the end of the day and it’s just get to the final whistle and get over the line.

“All three matches, both ourselves and them, they’ve had different line outs and so have we. Sunday will be no different, different team and the venue as well.

“It’s a big stadium and it’s going to be an interesting story for everybody on the pitch. Everyone’s looking forward to it.”

Leanne Donnelly is out to pick up a second All-Ireland final
Photo Credit: John Merry

This season, Armagh have strengthened their arsenal with the addition of Jennifer Curry contributing to an already incredible forward line.

“Just her experience and her style of play at training, she brings everyone on, her encouragement the whole way through the pitch.

“She’s been a role model for a lot of people even before she came to the county, just watching her play with Middletown.”