Madden v Grange – possible line ups and match ups

Having a look at how both teams have lined out in the programme, there’s likely to be a few changes for both Madden and Grange.

We’ve put together the match ups that we could see, assuming that those changes be made before throw in.

Both teams are likely to play with at least one sweeper. And both have deadly forwards that the opposition will hope to curtail.

Madden’s back line

Barry Mallon wears the number 15 jersey for Madden but rarely, if ever, lines out in the forward line.

He’ll be heading back to occupy the space in front of the full back line and cut off Grange’s attacks.

With Colm Rafferty stationed at the edge of the square and Ethan and Odhran interchanging, Grange always have that long ball option.

Whoever comes into the full forward position will be picked up by Liam Grimley. Madden’s best man-marker is Ryan Morgan, so he’ll shadow Justin Kieran.

Madden captain Donal Rafferty is likely to shift to centre back and pick up Miceal McKenna. Shea Vallely may start on Cathal McKenna with Conor Mone on Ben Toal.

That leaves Niall Smith going to Daire Mallon. That could possibly be a Grange match up more so than a Madden one.

The idea will be for Mallon to track Smith wherever he goes and halt his roaming runs forward. Mallon will also plan to put Smith on the backfoot when Grange are attacking.

Who takes Ethan?

It’s the big question for Madden heading into the game, who marks Ethan Rafferty? Niall Grimley was the obvious choice, but injury has ruled him out.

Peter Lappin is the heartbeat of Madden’s defence but could go to centerfield to take on Rafferty.

Odhran Rafferty and Ryan Grimley will battle it out for primary possession around the middle. Both could also spend time at full forward.

Grange defence

With Lappin moving to midfield, that could free up Conor Grimley to play further into Madden’s attack.

Grimley has been their main scorer this year and has turned into a real leader in the absence of his cousin Niall.

Jake Toal hasn’t played a lot this year through injury but is expected to start and will line up against Grimley.

Photo Credit: Vincy Loughran

Darragh McMullen is a sensational young talent and his clash with Diarmuid Rafferty has the potential to be an outstanding dual.

With Ethan Rafferty coming in, Ronan Mallon can move to his more familiar half back spot and pick up Joe Sheridan.

That would leave the Toal’s, Conor and Shaun, picking up the inside dangermen of Ciaran Rafferty and Aron McKenna with Sean Doherty left sweeping.