Granemore v Killeavy – line ups & match ups

Both Granemore and Killeavy will know they have a massive chance to reach the Senior Championship final this weekend.

There’s sure to be tension and plenty of nerves surrounding both camps. But it’s a very winnable game for each team.

How the sides set up and plan their match ups will be key to who comes out on top and reaches the decider.

Goal threat

Killeavy have hit four goals in two outings, and they’ve all came through Paul Quinn and Niall Magennis.

They’ve both hit two apiece, one against Madden and one against Clan na Gael. Granemore will be keen to tie them down.

Darren Carr usually heads back into the last line of defence and will pick up Quinn on the edge of the square.

Photo Credit: Richiespics

Ross Finn, Granemore’s best man-marker, will likely shadow Magennis and try to nullify his impact.

Paudie Hollywood comes back and plays as the plus one in a defence that has yet to concede a goal.

Conor O’Neill lined out at centre half forward against Clans put can play anywhere on the field for Killeavy.

If he’s at 11, he’ll need marked. Kieran Doyle could pick up that role or Karl McQuaid in the half back line.

Midfield Battle

Both teams have huge bodies around the middle and Granemore usually opt to go long from their kickouts.

Clan na Gael dropped off Killeavy in the quarter final, giving them the short. But Shea Magill can go long as well.

Callum O’Hare picked up two points from play and was involved an awful lot the last day out, so will need watched.

Brendan Boylan is perhaps Granemore’s best fielder around the middle, so his namesake Cathal could go toe-to-toe with him.

Granemore attack

With Hollywood dropping back, it immediately gives Killeavy a plus one, while their half forward line will retreat at time as well.

Granemore play with two inside, Louis Hughes and Ryan Rafferty, and they’ll be marked by Cathair McKinney and Conor Magennis.

Jason O’Neill is the main scoring threat for this Granemore side and has been for some time now.

Photo Credit: John Merry

Jamie Cosgrove is usually handed the big man-marking duties and Sunday will be no different.

That’ll leave Gareth Murphy the chance to drop back as a permanent sweeper in the Killeavy defence and protect the goals.

Both Marty Carr and Odhran Doyle chipped in with 0-2 apiece against Mullaghbawn, so Wayne Kieran’s side will be wary of their scoring potential.