Orchard oldies out to gather some silverware

Armagh Masters have the chance to land some silverware this weekend and they’re all looking forward to it says Mark Beattie.

The former Clann Eireann midfielder will likely line out at centerfield for Armagh in the Spirit Cup final.

They take on Limerick, in Roscommon, on Saturday afternoon. It’s a curtain raiser to the All-Ireland final between Tyrone and Kerry.

“It’s been three or four months of good hard work, training and a lot of craic along the way,” said Beattie. “We’ve got to a final, maybe not at the level we wanted to be at but it’s still a final.

“We’re all looking forward to it and it’ll be a good day with the football and the entertainment after it. So, we’re all looking forward to it.”

Top tier

Tyrone and Kerry contest the top tier decider and Beattie believes that Armagh will reach that grade eventually.

“The different levels that it’s at, Armagh are maybe a year or two away from that. It’ll just take a bit of time to get to that level.

“After Tyrone, Kerry, Galway and Dublin, the rest is probably at the same level. There are four or five teams that were eliminated, and the rest get split up into different competitions.

“That group from the bottom up to the top, minus the top four or five, would be all in around the same level.

“All the games we played, if we won, we only won by a point of two. If we got beat, we only got beat by a point or two.

“We slipped into one of the lower levels but it’s competitive, it’s good craic and it keeps the boys active as well.

“It’s been very enjoyable. For me personally, I’ve really enjoyed it and the other game, Tyrone and Kerry, it would be a good game for anyone to watch.”