Kernan: Individual contests gone from the game

Aaron Kernan believes that certain “tweaks” will help the game of Gaelic Football more enjoyable than it currently is.

Kernan explained what issues he sees in the current game on last week’s Smaller Fish GAA TV show.

“I do feel it is at the stage where there are changes that need to be tweaked.” said the recently retired Kernan.

“The individual side of it, the household names who held down marque positions in teams are starting to drift.

“An awful lot of us are all the same. Even if you reflect back on the game last week (Crossmaglen v Trillick) there’s so many opportunities where you want to get on the ball.

“I have no problem if I have to take on one and maybe draw in a second person. I’ll do that. But as you’re standing back looking at play developing, you know that’s not happening.

“You know that if you take on the first person, maybe get by him, there’s two, three, four maybe five coming in.

“You get overturned, and everyone thinks you’re naïve and you’re clueless and you’ve worked on nothing.”

Individual contests

The mast defences implanted in the game over the past number of years has brought an end to “individual contests.”

 “I don’t want to go back to catch and kick,” added the 2005 Young Footballer of the Year.

“It’s just trying to keep a traditional shape to our game where individuals can win their own battles, whether that’s either attacking or defending.

“It still gives a shape to what we know and love in Gaelic Football. The biggest thing we all want is contests. Individual contests where you can say, who won that between those two players?

“Gaelic Football at the moment, while there are some brilliant individual displays and there are some good games and football has progressed so much, I still think we’re at a stage now where a few tweaks will be made to try and enhance what we have.”