Murray: “Today was just our day”

Cullyhanna had the “rub of the green” according to defender Mickey Murray as they claimed the Ulster title with one to spare.

Stephen Reel’s side trailed by four points deep into the second half, but never lost belief in their ability to win the game.

“It’s a day that you thought would never come to the club,” said Murray, who played a pivotal role at centre half back.

“We lost a lot of people along the way over Covid and the last couple of years so this is more about them and the boys that you didn’t see playing today.

“We’ve been in that situation in training many times and we didn’t win. There’s a panel of boys that nobody saw today, and they were the boys that took us over the line.

Photo Credit: Sinead Snaps

“They pushed us on to the very end. It was all about the supporters and the people that you didn’t see today in the background that does everything for us. It’s easy turning up and playing.

“It’s a sweet feeling and maybe on the other sides it’s devastating for the opposition. But we’ll take it.

“Many days that rub of the green has gone against us so maybe today was just our day. There were people looking down on us and we got the rub of the green on the day.”

“We had complete, full belief. We had boys that maybe weren’t in the game at that stage and there’s enough quality in our team, on the field or to come into the game, that if somebody isn’t having their best game, there’s going to be somebody else that steps up.

“We’ve been practising for a moment like that all year. We met in October, started out in November, December, January, February, for a moment like that to clinch it.”

Photo Credit: Richiespics

Management team

Murray paid tribute to the management team for sticking with the side even during the dark days over the last few years. “They took the job when nobody wanted it,” added Murray.

“It was a poisoned chalice; they took it and rid through the tough couple of two or three seasons. They stuck with us and showed faith in us, so this is as much about repaying.

“Stephen Reel, he has stood by us, all the management team stood by us. Then it was about getting that winning mentality this year after coming off relegation, it was about getting back to the way it was beforehand.

“Then the added touch when Brookie (Ciaran McKeever) comes in. He adds a completely different dimension.

“He is where he is, in amongst the county team, and he brings another dimension to training, to the insight of opposition. We’re very lucky to have him.”

Photo Credit: Richiespics