O’Se recalls marking Diarmaid Marsden

Kerry legend Marc O’Se has recalled marking former Armagh star Diarmaid Marsden during the 2002 All-Ireland final.

Marsden kicked three-points from play as the Orchard County claimed the Sam Maguire for the first time ever.

Speaking on the new GAAGO series ‘Ratified’ with Aaron Kernan, Michael Murphy and Paddy Andrews, O’Se said: “02 against Armagh, I had a very poor day at the office. Our full back line was poor, but I was particularly poor.

“I was on Diarmaid Marsden, and I think back on it. I was marking Gooch (Colm Cooper) a lot in training. You were marking a fella who’s probably half a stone lighter to going and marking Diarmaid Marsden.

“I was going in and marking Gooch every night in training, I remember coming off the field after 50 minutes after being taken off and I remember being in the Hogan Stand.

“I knew I couldn’t make any impact. It’s a very tough spot to be in knowing that you can’t make a difference.”

The Kerry team was backboned by the O’Se clan with all three brothers, Darragh, Tomas and Marc starting the final.

Their uncle Paudi, who collected eight All-Ireland medals playing for the Kingdom in the 70s and 80s, was manager.

Kerry legend Marc O’Se has recalled marking Armagh star Diarmaid Marsden during the 2002 All-Ireland final.

Family affair

“It was a tough year because my Dad had that year, just a month or two before that,” added the 2007 Footballer of the Year.

“Darragh was captain, Paudi was manager and we just wanted Sam Maguire just for Darragh being captain.

“And the year that he had, he was incredible that year. We didn’t begrudge Armagh and Paudi was incredible afterwards, he was so gracious in defeat.”

Kernan added: “I was in the dressing room whenever he came in that day. How well he spoke and how he went around everyone and how he made Armagh feel was incredible.”